Daily Drawing

While this isn't a sketch per se, it is part of my routine. You see, whenever I want to sit down and actually put pen to paper, I have to warm up first, so I lay down some common forms (cubes, ellipses, cylinders, etc.) to get my brain and muscles in sync. I have been interested in improving my ellipses so this page is a warm up for that part of my brain. I know it looks a little scatterbrained, but its just to get the juices flowing.

Daily Drawing

Another robot for all to enjoy! This little guy is about 4 times smaller than he is here, so I scanned him at 300 dpi and made him bigger. Looks rather sloppy at this size though, oh well. Let that be a lesson to all, always draw big and shrink down later as it makes it look tighter. I just thought this was cool so I didn't care. Enjoy!

Adam Savage

Adam Savage is most well-known as his role on the popular show Mythbusters, however, I recently discovered that he briefly taught classes to industrial design students on, I think, model making. To say Adam is obsessed with objects would be an understatement. In fact, he recently sculpted some replicas of some of these obessions.

This is a replica of a Dodo skeleton that he constructed using a large amount of photo reference he had collected over the years. Simply amazing.

To hear Adam explain his thought processes on object obsession and to be entertained for around fifteen minutes, watch this video.

Daily Drawing

Here is a robot sketch to make up for the last sketch. Robots make everything better.

What to Draw?

Sometimes I get kind of a stupefication of thought and can't figure out what to draw, so if you have an idea for something that you would like to see me draw, let me know in the comments on any post you feel like as I read every one.

Daily Drawing

The good, the bad and the UGLY!

When I asked my wife what I should draw today, she replied simply "shoes." I can't really draw shoes. It is a specialty in the design world and there is a reason why I am not a shoe designer. I don't really know what kind of shoe this is, I just know I need to keep practicing. I will try and do more and if I am able to improve, I may actually post another shoe... or maybe not.


Anyone who knows me knows that I am obsessed with all things robot. If my house was full of nothing but robots and I slept in a giant robo-bed, I could die a happy man. But since that will never happen (sigh), I will have to settle for these awesome key toppers from Perpetual Kid. While they aren't for sale yet, you can bet that they will be gracing the keys that allow access to my robo-house as soon as they are.

Perpetual Kid [via Geeksugar]

Daily Drawing

This sketch was a gray marker and pen quickie to explore and idea I had about using recycled/salvaged materials to make a chair. There would be plywood sides with the middle section made up from cardboard, cloth or foam. Bolts would hold it all together like a furniture ice cream sandwich.

Daily Drawing

In an effort to strengthen my atrophying drawing skills, I am attempting to draw at least one sketch a day in order to improve. Sometimes these will be digital sketches or scribbles on a napkin. Hopefully you enjoy what you see, if not, feel free to laugh and point.

This is an idea I had for a shirt, a quick, digital sketch of a tricycle.