Yeah... so I haven't been updating my blog like I promised. I have been drawing in a moleskine notebook and decided to add some of the drawings from it. I even drew on the instruction page.

Still can't get this vehicle out of my head...


Angry Dinosaur is angry.

Machined iPhone 4G Cases

We just finished making some new iPhone cases for the 4G. I think they turned out really cool.

If you are interested in buying one, you can check them out here.

Machined Aluminum Speedsters

There are now a few different options for the Speedsters that I designed. We are trying out different finishes and colors. Check em out.

Cool, huh?

Gotta have a red one.

Floating Droid

I busted out my Wacom tablet and blew off the dust (literally) and doodled a bit. It felt good. I forgot how awesome Sketchbook Pro is. This guy was drawn in about 2 minutes. When I drew him, he looked about 3 inches high on my screen. I need to do this more often...


I'm a slacker.

Here is something drawn at 1 o'clock in the morning when I couldn't sleep.

Weird Robot Ball, er, Thingy

I just rebuilt my computer a while ago and reinstalled Sketchbook Pro and my old Graphire Wacom tablet. This is the first thing that came out. Not sure why.