Shoe, take two.

Here is a more recent sketch of a shoe that I did using Sketchbook Pro. The program is fantastic. The shoe, however, not so much.


I pulled out an old sketchbook and started looking through it and found a number of really bad sketches (yikes!) and found this idea for a vehicle. It keeps popping up from time to time in my sketches, so one of these days maybe I will sit down and actually "design" it to get it out of my subconscious. Single passenger, hubless wheels, and torsion bar suspension, yeah, that's the stuff. You can definitely see the Volkswagen inspired trailing arm sketches in the upper right. I would love to build one of these guys and drive it everywhere.

Hot Rod

Here is a little hod rod truck I drew while on vacation. I was able to sit by the window and enjoy a rainy day and do some sketches while listening to some good music. That's what I like to do on vacation, sit around and do nothing. Awesome.